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Topple Software is a software company eager to introduce world class graphic softwares which through its standard and innovative features intends to compete and even 'Topple' the world class graphic softwares.Through the sheer determination and hard work of our software developers,we intend to make our softwares popular no matter how much software copies it sells.So,the intention is to create very powerful graphic softwares while also keeping the 'Universal Appeal' of the softwares intact.Innovation in the software is going to also have 'Universal Appeal' and high success rate.With this resolve,we introduce the first graphic software from the Topple Software Company called 'Lobster' which is an 'Image Editor' and 'Lobster Version 1.0' in its very first version is intended to prove how much powerful image editing can be.


Lobster Version 1.0 - The Most Powerful Image Editor In The Whole World !

Lobster Version 1.0 sets the standard for affordable, professional image editing.Lobster Version 1.0 introduces creative innovation with a new set of art media tools, professional photo correction filters, and precision graphic design capabilities to offer users limitless creativity.You can greatly reduce time spent on production tasks with Lobster's streamlined production tools.Edit photos,create graphics,draw, and paint all within a highly customizable workspace environment.Lobster Version 1.0 provides powerful tools for powerful imaginations.



Wallpapers,Interface & Design - 10 Times Better Than Photoshop !


Users will not even find some of the features of Lobster Version 1.0 in the other image editors. Lobster Version 1.0 is build to overcome most of the limitations present in the existing image editors.Not surprising that there is a huge difference in Lobster's functionality and all the other image editors in the world put together.Lobster is absolutely loaded with lot of functionality,new features and filters.Lobster application can be called as a 'Filter Factory' or 'an image editor with infinite possibilities' and still it will not be an exaggeration in any way.This is the most important reason that it is necessary for the users to read help before even working with this software.Actually,the user is recommended to read all the help one chapter after another to get the complete idea about the 'Interface' of the Lobster application.Otherwise,the user might not even understand how much powerful this image editor really is.If you thought that the one liner 'The most powerful image editor in the whole world' was fake,then you might be surprised with the really powerful 'Interface' Lobster introduces.Though this is not the first time user will come across the word 'Interface' in this help files or while working with the Lobster application.As the user reads or works with this software,he might realize that the 'Interface' is the soul of this software and is also the reason why it is dramatically different from the other image editors.This is not the usual image editor which has filters and feaures similar to the other image editors.The similarity of Lobster with other image editors will end with the filters and features like cut-copy-paste and brush panel,but as the user works with the 'Interface' of Lobster application,the big difference will be evident to the user why this image editor really is very powerful and also very innovative.For example :- Filter and/or QRGB and/or Pattern and/or Pattern Style and/or Filter Style and/or Gradient and/or Edit Mode and/or 3D Effect and/or Text.Did you get it ? Most probably no and therefore even before the user tries to understand the 'Interface',it is advisable to read about all the new features introduced in Lobster Version 1.0 as they all put together form the 'Interface' of this image editor and work together in conjuction with each other to implement this 'Interface'.


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